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How To Manage Your Time More Effectively

A work-life balance is very important for our mental health and stamina in the workforce. When work is prioritized in front of life, you'll be inherently unbalanced. According to the Mayo Clinic, it can lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and more serious illnesses.

A frequent question I get from my coaching clients is, "How can I get all the things that need to get done, done so that I can live my life?"


I use this concept in the way I coach my clients. This time management concept allots "blocks" of time to intensely focus on one thing at a time and then take a quick break.

I separate my blocks of time by 1 hour, 45-minute blocks in which I am immensely focused on one thing, with 15-minute buffers to get up, move around and take care of any needs I may have.

Wherever you leave off, you leave off and can pick it up the next hour, the next day, or the next time you're working.

To implement more of a work-life balance in your life, block one hour every day for just YOU. It is not an hour to work towards a personal pursuit or professionally develop yourself. You should dedicate this hour to only you and what makes you happy, which lies outside work and productivity!


This is a method used by my husband. He likes to say: make the main thing, the main thing.

What is your number one priority each day? When you start your day, look at all the things you need to get done and make the first thing the most important. For if you were only to complete that one thing, you'd still consider the day to be successful and productive. Prioritize your list based on importance and work your way down.


With big, major tasks, it might take a considerable amount of time. Try breaking your to-do's into smaller, manageable time slots to tackle over a couple of days.

If your attention span lasts only about an hour, and you have a couple of days to complete a big project, be realistic about the time you can actually spend doing quality work and break your project into smaller time blocks to complete over a period of time.

If you don't have a calendar, either physical or digital, I highly recommend investing in one. As well, writing things down ensures you'll make it happen. In your daily to-do's, write down as much information as possible, so you can always have notes to refer to when jogging your memory.

Time to Accomplish Those Tasks!

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