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What is your Purpose?

We all have a purpose! A greater calling. What you were put on this earth to do. Whether through the work you are contracted or paid to complete or a side hustle you’ve been building up to supplement your life, you never work a day in your life when you live with purpose.

Yes, we do need to work for a living. But if you work for your purpose, you’ll never work a day in your life!

The big question is: How do I discover my purpose? How do I know what it is that I was put on this earth to do?

Here are three BIG questions you need to answer to aid in your discovery of what it is you were born to do.

#1: What would you do for free?

What could you do every single day, never earn a dime, and still be excited to get up and do? For me, it’s coaching. I love to help others, and before becoming a certified coach, I assisted others in any way I possibly could.

#2: What makes your heart skip a beat?

Have you ever completed a project and felt awestruck by the results? It was not just because it was over, but looking back at the culminated project and thinking I did THAT! That right there is your purpose. Something you are proud to do, proud to contribute, and feel excited to take on.

I have a friend who feels this way about branding. She wakes up so excited to take on new projects and help companies build a distinct presence that sometimes when she’s talking about her work, she fumbles over her words and seemingly bursts with excitement when discussing branding. What makes your heart burst with excitement?

#3: What have you always been good at?

Take a moment to reflect back. What have you always been good at? At 5, 6, maybe 11, what is that one thing that came naturally? When others talked about your skills, they highly ranked this skill as something you’ve been gifted with. Expand on that gift.

Find your purpose! Commit to your purpose and pursue your purpose passionately.


Vantage Point Coaching (VPC) provides Executive Leadership & Life Coaching for professionals and entrepreneurs wanting to level up and achieve personal & professional goals. From corporate leadership group trainings and seminars to one-on-one coaching with accountability partnerships, VPC offers a range of services designed to help clients achieve goals and find greater fulfillment out of life. Visit and sign-up for a Discovery Call, 20-minute personalized consultation to hear how coaching can help you achieve your wildest dreams. Change your Vantage Point, Change your Life!

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