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5 Keys to Live Resilience & Determination

Live Life by your Design

I was inspired by a presentation that I did for the Early Learning Coalition of Central Florida's Business Institute. It was really to motivate the business institute members who are early learning entrepreneurs.

Here are five key takeaways that were offered in terms of how to live resilience and determination every day

Think of this acronym: P.I.C.M.A


You got to be clear on your purpose!


Seek new and different opportunities that can support your growth and goals.


If you can't find new opportunities, create them for yourself.


Staying motivated, excited, and enthusiastic is essential -- and contagious! To get more done and get more done and get more done through others, you have to be motivated.


Remember Charles Darwin? It's not the strongest, it's not the smartest of the species that survives! It's the one that is most adaptable.

You'll live in determination and resilience every day if you're clear on your purpose, if you innovate and create, stay motivated, and you adapt to the changing environment.


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