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Athletes need coaches to build on natural talents and gifts to create a framework for success. Would an athlete go to the Olympics without working with a professional coach? No. Then, why shouldn’t you have this same advantage in your life or career? 
If you want to stop existing and start living, co-create a journey that initiates REAL strategies and REAL solutions, then get the Vantage Point Coaching Advantage now!

Personal & Professional Expansion 

Get the Life You Desire


Coaching not only helps you reach your goals at a faster rate, but YOU also get to design the life that is best for you. We help guide you to: 

  • Design effective targeted goals

  • Ignite action to propel forward

  • Achieve greater impact through personal accountability

Corporate Training & Advancement

Head of the Pack


Consumers today are savvy and can easily recognize how an effective company is run. Don’t be the organization, department, or group that spends its creative energy on reacting instead of building and producing. We work with small and large organizations to:

  • Develop a clear vision, and effective leadership and execution strategies

  • Craft a culture of innovation, creativity, and diverse practices for impact and profitability

  • Cultivate effective essential (soft) skills for internal success 

Spring Into Leadership

Go Grow Get


Vantage Point Coaching proudly presents: Spring Into Leadership Women's Day Conference, a day of enlightenment, engagement, and empowerment. Learn from dynamic women leaders, and grow your network engaging with other professional women. Get the pearls of wisdom you need to succeed in every aspect of your life. The conference offers:

  • A holistic approach to disruptive and cutting-edge action steps

  • New opportunities - network and connect with other dynamic women to elevate

  • A safe place to generate ideas and become influential 

Mastermind Group

Be More, Do More

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Want to get more done? Want more purpose? Want greater results personally and professionally? Then, it’s time to make the P.A.C.T. Join our mastermind group of women dedicated to getting more out of life and making a difference in every arena. Group sessions feature: 

  • Safe and supportive environment to explore solutions to your challenges

  • Expert facilitation, brainstorming, peer accountability, and education to help you achieve your goals

  • "Hot seat" moment to ignite immediate action on what matters most

  • Are you READY for CONCRETE Changes?

    30 min

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