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Don’t Give Up 0n Your 2020 Goals

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

We welcomed 2020, the year of vision and dawn of a new decade, with great hope and promise.

Let's face it, 2020 had a different plan for us all. We have experienced a global health crisis in COVID-19, social unrest, and general uncertainty about the future. It has felt like we've been on a crisis hamster wheel. While all of these challenges impacted our daily lives, we still have an opportunity to yield the hope and promise we started with at the beginning of the year.

Here’s how:

1. Mission, Vision, & Purpose (MVP) – In order to be the MVP of your life, you must get clear on your MVP. These guideposts are your North Star and will guide you through the darkest of times. Focus on your MVP.

2. Adjust Action Plan – While your MVP should not waiver, the actions you take will. If your vision is financial freedom, have you adjusted your spending? If your mission is longevity, have you adjusted your physical activity? Examine your actions and make adjustments. Negotiate the deadline if necessary. Just take meaningful actions every day.

3. Build Your Team – You cannot make it alone. Who’s on your team? Is it time to make a trade or recruit new members? You must assemble the best of the best to help you capture the MVP.

2020 is still evolving. As of June 1st, we have six months (213 days, 5112 hours, or 306,720 minutes) remaining in 2020. Enough time to make your goals a reality.

Demetria Hill Sloan

Vantage Point Coaching, LLC

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