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Key Takeaways from the #DYLSUMMIT

One month-out from VPC’s first-ever Design Your Life Summit

The #dylchallenge is a seven-day social media challenge that challenges and empowers participants to gain control of what they can, forget what they can’t, and focus on themselves.

Demetria Hill Sloan of Vantage Point Coaching set out to create an educational, empowering, and encouraging experience for women who were ready to do the work required to live life by their design in 2021. The first #dylchallenge was a huge success and laid the foundations for the three-day, interactive #DYLSUMMIT.

The #DYLSUMMIT guided participants through exercises, rituals, and lesson plans designed to get participants motivated and excited to conquer life again. By the end of the #DYLSUMMIT, participants acknowledged their current position in life, how they got there and gained clarity towards the vision for their future. Not for just that moment in time, but looking long-term- keeping in mind their 90-year self and the vision they had for the end of their life. Participants laid out concrete action plans to move from their position in life and implement their new strategy, designed to achieve the reality they’ve always desired for their life.

A few key takeaways from the #DYLSUMMIT that you can use to begin implementing life by design are:

  1. Compassion - Have compassion for yourself, your experience, and your life to date. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, compassion is the sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. We carry our past life experiences with us throughout our lives. The good, bad, and indifferent. Those past experiences inform and influence our current life. We must show compassion and give ourselves some grace first in order to design a better future.

  2. Conscious Commitment - How often have you accepted an “agree to terms and conditions” contract without thinking or giving those terms a second glance? We make commitments to share pieces of our lives with companies and perfect strangers often. Well, living life by your design isn’t one of those contracts. Living life by your design requires a conscious commitment. A requirement to read and understand the full terms and conditions and continually keep those terms in mind. During the #DYLSUMMIT, we were forced to pause and think deeply about what we really desire in our lives and generate terms and conditions to achieve those dreams- ensuring those terms will always be met.

  3. Consistent - Whatever conscious commitment you have designed for yourself, you must remain consistent. Inch-by-inch, step-by-step, day-by-day. Progress is made and success is achieved in small increments. With consistent action towards your life’s vision, you can live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

One of my favorite quotes is “Action without vision is just a dream. Vision without action just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” - Joel Barker

#DYLSUMMIT created the action plan to achieve our dream in 2021 and beyond. The #DYLSUMMIT ignited the flame within oneself, got the ball rolling, and established a plan to achieve life lived by one’s design.

If you missed the #DYLSUMMIT, don’t worry. Vantage Point Coaching will be hosting another opportunity to #DYL in July 2021! Stay in the know by subscribing to VPC news updates at

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